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The 144,000 Marked with a Seal


The Anointing Oil Seal put on the forehead and hands of the faithful bond servant before entering into The World of Mystery Babylon

The Five Fold Mark of The Torah and The Kingdom Builder

I anoint my head with Oil,

in the name of the Father - Yehovah, - draw the Head of the Ox  and become yoked with Him

in the name of the Son - Yeshua, - draw the Power horn and know that Christ is in me

and In the name of the Ruach  - The Holy Spirit- draw the Glory Horn and walk every step with Him

who makes The Way straight, - draw “The Way" Straight to The Hope of Glory 

and who Teaches Me all Things. - draw Nearer to Perfection, complete The Mark - The Aleph & Tav

Yea, the Deep Things of God, Our Yehovah, Amen 


You are now ready to plow the field, sow the seed, sing in the rain and reap the harvest at the appointed time.

The apocalypse is the unveiling of your mind as you pass through the screen set before your eyes.

Yehovah breathe the seal upon the people that they may find the Ark at your appointed time. 

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