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The First Ark has been Revealed


It’a been over twenty years ago that Noah's Ark resting place has been known!  Watch the truth they don’t want you to know.  The wonders of Yehovah were preserved so that YOU would know and GROW!

But there are two more Arks that the world has yet to see.  Both are in hiding awaiting the natural to come first and manifest the unseen.   Go forth and understand these things for the truth that is hidden will manifest and be written upon your heart.  

Pray that we’ll hear the sound of trumpets, Awake!  Arise the Bridegroom is having a Wedding!  Your invited, trim your wicks, fill your lamps, prepare your garments that you will be ready to go into the wedding, a Bride Beloved by Yeshua the Messiah, My Friend!  

The Second Ark was found with sons that were with him.  They banged upon the rock with the will of mighty men.  They went inside and found what was covered, with blood and skins from the Tabernacle, My Friend - The Ark of the Covenant.  Yehovah, our Father, keeps it hidden now from evil men.  He will unveil it when the work on the Mount is Nearing the end.  

The 144,000 who came seeking the Ark, have found not one but two.  These are the ones who’ll build the third Temple.  Those with Trumpets that make known the Mysteries of the Kingdom unto YOU

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