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The Anointed Works of Franklin Hall


Anoint Thine Eyes with Eye Salve

Evangelist Jim Bauman Shares the Anointed Works of Bro Franklin Hall from the pulpit at The International Healing Cathedral in Phoenix, AZ 

Brother Franklin Hall’s Books, Charts, Voice and Video recordings can still be purchased today!

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The International Healing Cathedral - Phoenix, AZ

The Hall Deliverance Foundation

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Below is a partial listing of the resources still available!


  Addiction Control by Franklin Hall


This is a practical guide to getting control over your life and handing it back to God.

  Atlantic Ocean Storms by Franklin Hall


Written decades before Hurricane Katrina and many other devastating storms, Franklin Hall is extremely prophetic. Based on Revelation 21:1, this book explains how the elements and whirlwinds will bring great judgment to the coasts. Franklin Hall’s predictions have already been fulfilled. But there’s more to come. This is a must read.

  Atomic Power with God through Fasting & Prayer by Franklin Hall


Franklin Hall’s first book, this volume popularized the subject of fasting, enabling folk to love to fast! This book impacted well known evangelists and pastors and laity around the world.

  Because of Your Unbelief by Franklin Hall


A dynamic compact book on fasting, this book provides an outstanding understanding of belief and faith and what they have to do with fasting.

  Bodyfelt Salvation by Franklin Hall


This historic book shows you how to live without sickness and live an energetic life, ready to do God’s will.

  Discoveries of Faith by Franklin Hall


A powerful handbook on faith and faith secrets.

  Glorified Fasting: ABCs of Fasting by Franklin Hall


Presenting both scientific and spiritual revelations, Franklin Hall simplifies the understanding of any length of fasting and teaches why the fast should be broken very carefully and how to do it.

  Mathematical Proofs of God’s Word by Franklin Hall


Mathematical/Gematria/Scientific proofs of the Bible, Virgin Birth, Jesus Christ, and the Resurrection.

  Our Divine Healing Obligation by Franklin Hall


This book increases the desire to be healed. It explains the baptism with the Holy Spirit and fire. It teaches divine healing so intensely that often one senses heat upon the body. This book includes the Divine Healing Ordinance.

  Subduing the Earth and Ruling the Nations by Franklin Hall


It is God’s will for prayer to control the weather, raise and lower temperatures, and stop devastating storms, whirlwinds and earthquakes.

  Sun of Righteousness by Franklin Hall


This is an outstanding manual for classroom use.

  The Book of Revelation by Franklin Hall


Franklin Hall brings forth the teachings so easily that anyone may understand the Revelation of St. John the Divine, which is one of the greatest books of the Bible.

  The Encyclopedia of Fasting by Franklin Hall


An admirable reference work on fasting with numerous dramatic illustrations.

  The Fasting Prayer by Franklin Hall


This book provides answers to many fasting problems. It will revolutionize your faith and prayer life. It has 40 great illustrations with many fasting testimonies.

  The Gift of Faith by Franklin Hall


Revolutionize your faith today with powerful Scriptures and applications.

  The New Diet by Dr. Helen Hall


This book contains more than 50 healthy recipes, including the recipe for spiritual nourishment.

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  Wall Charts by Franklin Hall                                                         

1.) Set of 5 dynamic charts illustrating Revelations

(wall poster charts for classroom study)


2.) Set of 7 large classroom wall study charts

(Including the large image of Nebuchadnezzar from the Book of Daniel


3.) Complete Set of all 12 Charts


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Miracle Word Magazine

This historic magazine featuring the ministry of Franklin and Helen Hall will soon be in circulation again. Donations are needed to begin publishing. Please pray for God’s will concerning your support for this powerful publication.

Miracle Word will acclimate you to the Word of God. It will provide you with updates on the television ministries and preaching of Verna Hall Linzey, who is the remaining sister of Franklin Hall, and retired Chaplain, Major Jim Linzey, who is Franklin Hall’s nephew (Verna Linzey’s son). It will also update you on their ministries at the historic International Healing Cathedral in Phoenix, Arizona. This is a publication you should not be without. 



Addiction Control by Franklin Hall (July 1982)


Being Born Again by Franklin Hall (July 1983)


Consecrated Fasting by Franklin Hall (May 1984)


Dawn of a New Day by Helen Hall (November 1985)

Fasting by Franklin Hall (December 1982)


Fasting Power by Franklin Hall (May 1984)


Knowing Jesus by Helen Hall (December 1982)


Nourishment by Franklin Hall (July 1983)


Parable of the Vine by Franklin Hall (July 1984)


Revelation, Part I, by Franklin Hall (December 1984)


Revelation, Part II, by Franklin Hall (December 1984)


Revelation, Part III, by Franklin Hall (December 1984)


Revelation, Part IV, by Franklin Hall (December 1984)


The Secret Hiding Place by Helen Hall (November 1985)


The Sound of the Last Trumpet (Part I and II) by Franklin Hall (December 1985)


The Sound of the Last Trumpet (Part III) by Franklin Hall (December 1985)


The Two Knowledge Trees in the Garden of Eden by Franklin Hall (March 1984)


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