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Dancing & Singing in the Rain


Knowledge Message for October 18, 2013

This is the day that has been waiting in the wings for many years.  The unveiling that is occurring around the globe grows stronger each and everyday.  Does your heart yearn for revelation?  Is your fruit withering on the vine for lack of knowledge and rain?  Then know this my friends, that the rain can not come upon an unforgiving heart.  Did you hear in your spirit yesterday, the song that resonated in your soul?  Then go back upon the messages granted us the past few days and see what the spirit whispers into your heart after drinking in the Glory and Knowledge messages from days gone by.

If your heart has been set free and your burden laid down then you know what was whispered upon your heart.  It is the time for cleansing the temple so that The Lord of Glory can be exhaled and radiate like the stars and the firmament.  Forgiveness is the first key and the second key is the same as the first but one must go through the door and find the passage that lets loose what is bound deep in your heart, that evil that lurks within called resentment.  For unless this door is opened and those dark things purged from the temple the rain of revelation will not enter in.  Confess these dark things and give thanks to Yesuha for removing these things so that the love of the TRUTH will come into your heart.

The Ruach haKodesh will begin to show you all things, yea, the deep things of God.  Unless you become like a little child that loves there father and mother you will not enter into the kingdom of heaven.  Forgiveness is the key, then the love of the Father will rain on you with love, which is the removal of the veil, the opening of your eyes, the removal of wax from your ears and the callouss of your heart so that the hidden things, yea the things made secret from the foundation of the world, will be made known to you and manifest upon your life in a way you could have never hoped or imagined.

So give Him Glory this day and everyday here after so that the Mystery of the Gentiles will be fulfilled, Christ in YOU, the Hope of Glory.   Amen

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