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Numbers in OUR Mind

Knowledge Message for January 21, 2014 inspired from Mark 4

Shades of blue lights whisk past the opened eyes.  The breeze of the whisking draw the days across the skies.  The mist draws up to Heaven, returns and pours out as rain.  The desert blooms with beauty for all the seeds wait for the latter rain.  And when the time has come, the appointed time of God, His revelation and divine love will open the seeds and they'll all rise and reach for that breeze within the skies.

As its always been so shall it be again.  We only have to seek to find for in the beginning we’ll find the end.  Looking intently upon the letters with numbers in our mind, a revelation of His divine love will resonate inside.  The bursting forth of the hull, the world that encrusts our mind, shall break open making the one split into two then the three comes unto the light and shines.  Crack our hulls this day oh merciful Father above.  Let the rain of revelation pour on us as our day goes along.  Drive the word within us so that our root can tap into the good.  Oh the soil that’s laid dormant now will yield its fruit.  

Come taste the tender mercies, let us go forth and share the fruit.

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