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Parable 68 - The Vultures - 1


Parable 68. The Vultures

CGEvent #151 - CGPage #183   

Matthew — Mark — Luke 17:11-18:14 — John

Yeshua circumnavigates the Galilee and Samaria one last time before his final “going up” to the Feast of Passover.

According to the historic parameters of the ripening of the barley, there would have been an Adar Bet this year in order to allow the barley to mature. Though already in the vicinity, and ready to go up to Jerusalem, he now goes through the villages and cities of the Galilee and Samaria one last time.

Spoken to ? sometime during Week’s 58-61 of Yeshua’s Ministry as He is leaving Ephraim traveling in the direction of Samaria.


Luke 17:11-37









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