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Who Removes the Blindness?


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These are the 30 Digits of Three for the Message given unto Us that We share with You this Day!


Glory Message for June 6, 2014, inspired by the digits of Pi, my baby girl and Ruach haKodesh.

Day 25 - Sum 359

Let us Plow in the fields like the prophets of old.  Renewing those thoughts that reveal the Ark in the Tabernacle once more.  Pull down the walls that have kept God, Yehovah - Creator & Provider of All, from entering within.  This thorn in your side can be pulled but by one, revealing the mercy seat where Yehovah resides in the Holy of Holies dear friend.  

He is our high priest, the Melchizedek, he secures The Door, that one whom all the Apostles gave wonder and the one they all adored.  He is Yeshua, known as Jesus in the westerners mind.  He is the one that will take you to the Father who awaits you in the Tabernacle of Your Mind.  

As he breathed upon Adam, awakening him from the soil, he is raining, making mud, sprouting roots within the Kingdom, It’s Heaven found inside your Mind.  A poor man, a pauper, take the seed and are now broken, hulls laying at each side, a fresh sprout now growing in His garden which is IN Heaven.  

Surrounded by the Holy Ghost, in Hebrew - the Ruach haKodesh, the poor man is helped to find The Door by this Holy Spirit. The one who removes the blindness from your eyes, the one who gives you a bit of power that you may Spiritually see!  Climb upon the camel, sit between the humps of revelation and ride!  Take the Journey, allow the Holy Spirit to renew your mind.  The camel will take you to The Door of the Temple, that place in Heaven where Jesus awaits you, asking to come inside.

A Tzaddik you have become as Yeshua unites with you at The Door.  A marriage with a lamb who grants You Authority, the Mashiach who comes teaching all things, the yearning now fulfilled, for His light shines within Your Temple as the noon day sun.  An Illumination of Restoration which Yehovah connects to the Hearer, receive the good news, walking in The Way, The Truth and The Life in humility, Great Authority giving the Greatest Power of All, LOVE!  Know that where Love Exists it will Find The Way!

1 Thessalonians 4:16-17

I write these words upon ALL Your Heart's this Day.  The latter rain is the revelation of the secret things kept hidden since the foundation of the world but are now revealed for such as a time as this.  I rain on you this day as a cloud with booming thunder, lightning and heavy rain.  When you look up into the sky, feeling the wetness upon your face with a renewed mind you will have eyes that see, ears that hear and a loving heart that perceives.  

You will become as a cloud, a great cloud of witnesses, Hebrews 12:1, going out raining the mysteries of the kingdom - The Kingdom of God is within you, Luke 17:20-21.  Jesus, Yeshua, is coming back with the clouds, Revelation 1:7,  the rain of revelation of the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven.  

You are now like a Cloud!  Jesus is coming back! Back in You!  

Pray to Jesus tell him with a sincere heart that you forgive all who have transgressed against you, done evil towards you, acted with iniquity in their heart to you, or your family and/or those you love.  Forgive them all whether they knowingly or unknowing sinned against you or those you love.  

Forgiveness is the first key to unlock divine love which is revelation of the Mysteries of Torah.  After truly forgiving others in this world, ask that Jesus forgive you.  He will forgive you in the same measure you forgive others dear friends.  

Hear the Beat of the Drums in your heart this day.  Be caught up in the air with Jesus in the clouds, with those that will rain down the revelation upon the Kingdom of Heaven which is now manifesting upon this earth.  

Love will find a way!    If you have a Bible, dear Friend, read the 5 Chapters of the Book of James.  If you don’t have a Bible, You can read the Amplified Version HERE!  Listen to what the Holy Spirit reveals to you in this “Little Book”.  May these words be a blessing upon you and those you love.  Please share this message and love will find a way.

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