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The Field of Battle


Knowledge Message for November 20, 2013 inspired by Numbers 32

Lightning, thunder and wind with rain in the air.  The dust of the earth swirls up toward heaven as the coming storm nears.  Find the mallet and secure the vav that HaShem’s wrath would not take our tents away.  Let not our cattle leave dung hills upon the plains that our father hasn’t prepared for us.  Oh Lord forgive us for we shall do battle and set free the promise land that you have given to us.  Mercy, mercy please HaShem grant us and forgive us our transgressions and inequity.  Let us be found urning for The Messiah earnestly, yea, moving ever closer to His righteousness and perfection.

Bless those that curse you for they controlled not how they we’re raised.  The cities that their fathers built and the lessons upon the plains we’re received with love from there fathers and they believed that their father was one of truth until the evil in his heart was revealed.  That’s when the little ones, now waring men, realized that the truth wasn’t in them.  But the seed of hatred and lust of the world was well rooted so they covered up their faces in shame and went forth to make war as their father had commanded.

Remember these words as you look through the slit of the masks around their eyes for there are some that have the light within them, that are called to be on the side of HaShem.  Be humble, reverent, turning the other cheek, being watchful for that sparkle of a gem in their eyes.  These are the ones that will receive the truth and come into the glory.  The ones that have only darkness, sin in their eyes and hearts will be in anguish when cut down in the field of battle, if not by righteous men then by those full of hate that sent them.  Walk in peace as a flower that bends in the wind of the coming rain, she's made more beautiful by the stroking of the breeze, yea made stronger at her base as her stamens turn toward the light and receive His Kingdom, Power & Glory with a renewed mind.

Let the words of Little Girls turn their Hearts unto Him.

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