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The Bloody Stone


Knowledge Message for November 19, 2013 inspired from Leviticus 25

Seven times seven, yields three thousand four hundred and thirty sabbaths between each Jubilee.  Let us rejoice  and say, How much have ye left in the store house for the Beloved Jubilee?  Is it enough to feed the wife and kids until the appointed time?  Let us walk in the knowing that He provides for all our needs, especially those days  that come between the Jubilee times.  Let the wine pour out upon the land and unto those in bond.  Let them be a blessing , those ones who sojourn these times.  Thank You Father for the wonder of Jubilee, that we may find forgiveness, regenerating the land that feeds us through thee.  Thanks again and again for the bushel baskets full.  Let us give the surplus to the hungry, widows and be not as fools.  Fear The Lord, harvest the food, make ready for the store house and make ready for the coming Gentile rule.

For the time of testing is upon us again.  That the leaders of the Temple will be tried by fire.  But for this time they shall know that the fire is the mystery of the Gentiles realized.  Him who had come upon the donkey with palms waving in the air.  He spoke gentle words of truth and pointed them along with care.  Many looked and believed and many turned away.  He came to correct the teaching, yea, the interpretation of the words they say.  But to them who had unjust wisdom, said to the Romans that day, this man must be crucified because of His Way.   For if they had known the mystery that has been made clear through time, for they see that the Gentiles have His Words as they’ve kept HaShem’s beloved words all through out time.

Now the two stand together, without malice in their hearts.  Each having truth and seeking glory with wanting to go up on the Mt Zion.  The evil men that lurk there have made plans but for a short time, their strengthened by the words they hear from the one known as the father of lies.  Know that they will cast many stones and shout with malice in the their hearts.  Know that when their stones do strike your prize in heaven does shine.  You may look upon the bloody stone but touch not with vain desire.  For those that throw the stone back, to them comes punishment for they surely will die.  Walk with peace and knowing that all the world unites.  The end was known from the beginning in HaShem’s perfect time.  Lift your hands in praise and look into the Gentiles eyes for they herald with trumpets blasting the coming, and wanted, marriage feast time.

Love & Unity Create Harmony. It starts off a bit rough but when joined, ends up in a Melody.

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