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The Last of the Thunder Sounds


Knowledge Message for February 11, 2014 inspired from Revelation 10

Lightning streaks across the sky from East unto the West.  After seven beats of your heart then the thunder rumbles within your chest.  Look up at the sky, see the clouds gathering the four winds for the rain.  The clouds come closer, thunder clasps sooner as the rumblings turn the sky into the darkest of gray's.  

We stand in the fields and look across the plains. 

The wheat and the tares cry out for the rain.  The heads of the chosen are all filled with good grain.  They bow unto heaven as it begins to rain.  The tares stand prideful above the precious wheat, as the rain pelts the ground, its time for the harvest - harm not the sealed wheat.  Judgement comes with the driving rain, the words from the clouds fall upon the gentle plain.  

The harvest is full and the rain is now plenty.  

It’s time for the reaper to come for the many.  The thunders roll in and the tares raise in terror, for they are ripped from the root in piles that ascend to heaven.  The reaper has come and has taken the tares away.  The last of the thunder sounds now the wheat stands ready, let there be no further delay.  Gather the wheat and sift it sure.  Grind it for the bread, Oh Lord help us to endure.  

Let us think of times ahead, when we’ll eat with the Bridegroom consuming His bread.

Those that are reaped first shall be last and those that are reaped last shall be first.

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