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The Radiance


Glory Message for December 5, 2013 inspired by Ruach haKodesh nearing the Eighth Day of Hanukkah

Let us storm up the spiral ladder this day unto the Glory of Him that sent us.  As we run, sense the life blood surging through your veins.  Experience the pounding of your heart, breath in the breathe of Him.  Look up and rejoice and know that the balls of light that look like compacted balls of lightning are those treasured everlasting ones who serve Him forevermore.  The have come this day in order to light the way and whisper into your ear as a messenger from on high.  Close your eyes and pray and you will see them and the blinding light in the darkness of the mind.  Lift your head, open your eyes and shout, “Let Thy Kingdom Come!  Let Thy Will Be Done Upon The Earth As It Is In Heaven!”  There is no darkness in Heaven, only the Light of Him who sits upon the Throne.  The Elders that sit before him, the twenty-four, are stirring your hearts!  Each one sending forth radiant lights, one for each letter that formed the universe and those mysteries, the unknown letters, that hold it all together.

Let the nine candles of the dedication Menorah shine brightly with the knowing that the brightest is Him who sent us this day.  The eight are the steps of the faithful, one more than the rest of the world is willing to take.  Yea, when the one goes unto the greater, that is when the victory will come.  The 22 known, one cast away and another taking the place.  The radiance of the lights through the waring of men through time as remembered upon this day that those that seek Him shall find Justice, Victory, Authority, Power and His Glory that radiates like the firmament and the stars of Heaven above. From the Hearts of them who believe that the one many have waited for has already come, but now with the radiance of the Light the path is made straight so that Messiah will come as the lightning crosses from the East to the West.  Let the thunderings and Dedication of this Day renew our minds, not with the dead letter of Torah, but with the renewed Mind of Him who sits at the right hand of the Father. Yea, the Aleph and the Tav is Him that came from the Loving Bosom of the Almighty, the same one who has sent His Ruach that you feel swirling like a spiral within Your Renewed Mind.

Oh, I Love You MORE TODAY than Yesterday!

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