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The Vestments

Knowledge Message for August 13, 2014 - inspired by the Chumash & the deepness of words in Torah

Exodus 28:3-5

And you shall speak to all the wise-hearted people whom I have invested with a spirit of wisdom, and they shall make the vestments of Aaron, to sanctify him to minister to Me.  These are the vestments that they shall make: a breastplate, an Ephod, a Robe, a Tunic of a box-like knit, a Turban, and a Sash.  They shall make vestments of sanctity for Aaron your brother and his sons, to minister to Me.  They shall take the gold, the turquoise, purple, and scarlet wool, and the linen.

These words of Torah were given unto us today.  The garments of worship, let us understand them and what they have to say.  The breastplate of gold has 12 stones representing the tribes of all of them that saw the glory cloud rising up from their tents in the morning and the evening as they prayed with family.  An Ephod brings us remembrance that Aaron was a Levite and set apart to worship Hashem.  A robe representing the glorified body it covered, that place deep within, the Turban covering the Ark in the Tabernacle of the Mind dear friend.  The Sash was drawn tightly as the truth of Torah wrote upon our heart for all time.  Refine us as gold, let the blue of our linen set us apart from those with only purple and scarlet, Nicolaitans of old.

Exodus 28:30  “You shall put in the breastpiece of judgment the Urim and the Thummim, and they shall be over Aaron’s heart when he goes in before the Lord; and Aaron shall carry the judgment of the sons of Israel over his heart before the Lord continually.  -   These are the white and black stones in the photo above.

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