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Be Made Perfect


Knowledge Message for October 22, 2013 on John 16

Oh my little ones.  How the Father loves you so.  He looks upon all those that read these words each day and blesses them with abundance so that the knowing of his Joy will be shared with the Kedoshim.  With great Joy in our hearts from knowing that the mystery is true, do we make known these words unto you all this day. For in the day that Yesua, the perfected sinless one, carried his cross to the Hill of the Skull with knowing that what he is suffering is for the Eternal Father in Heaven's will and for Our Glory.  Yeshua humbled himself and gave all like the good shepard for his flock.  His flock hear his voice for after he left the Disciples, Apostles, he sent The Helper. Pray always in the Holy Spirit, also known as The Holy Ghost & the Ruach haKodesh, for when praying in this manner the spirit will make himself known through many spiritual gifts, likened to the speech of Angels.  Rejoice in this, knowing that the Ruach is In you.

The Ruach has come and has placed the Ark upon your shoulders.  Walk in the Ruach and carry the Ark with you everywhere you go. Your Joy will be great in the knowing of the Ruach.  Yea, in knowing that you have had your head removed and have become a martyrer, ask for this in the name of Yeshua so that the Ark upon your shoulders will be made perfect by the renewing of your mind for now your body is not your own.  It belongs to him who has placed himself upon the temple, body, the mind of Christ.

So go in peace my friends, walking in humility with great joy knowing that the Power of the Kingdom of Heaven resonates upon the earth through the words and deeds of those that carry the Ark and who have had their heads removed each morning before the cock sounds.  Take each step knowing that their temple is crowned with The Mind of Christ and the Hope of Glory.

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