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Mountain Streams

Mountain streams

Knowledge Message for November 6, 2013 inspired from Joshua 14

Walk this way my son.  Look upon the sky with wonderment.  Be vigilant in your travels, being watchful for all the kedoshim.  For in so doing I will lead you along The Way into the greater glory you seek.   Let not your heart be troubled but rejoice in knowing that YHWH provides all and looks upon the hearts of men to give them the desires of their heart.  Go forth in great faith likened to that wondrous day I stir up inside of you.  The day you walked through the clover with eyes closed and plucked a clover that joined you and I for the work to be done.  Have great Joy in your heart as you walk along The Way for the appointed time has come so that the Kingdom will spring forth as the waters from the Mountain streams.

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