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Faithful as a Little Child


Knowledge Message for October 27, 2013 inspired from Matthew 16

Darkness is across the land and the sky can not be seen for the darkness befallen the world is mighty. The adulterous ones look for a sign but the darkness has covered there eyes and they do not see.  The rushing waters are not heard so they can’t be led to the stream and drink.  The heart longs for the lie for no truth is in them.  They laugh out loud in disbelief to the greatest of all fish stories.  Oh pray my friends that you will be found worthy to kneel down at the stream, yea, at the roaring of rushing waters setting forth thy hand and drawing out living water to drink to the full.  Few will find the deepness of the well or the crank that brings forth the pale.  Let those found worthy pour out of the pale and into the bucket so the ladle can be granted to those along the path, yea, those set forth along The Way.  May your bucket be as a feather and the ladle as God’s Love for your neighbor and thy family forevermore.

Those ones that arrived late and drink to the full early will be the latter rain upon the earth.  Let those in the desert receive the rain in due season for the abundance of life, love and faith for those on the other side will rejoice in heaven and all the lands of Israel.  Yesuha be our judge and let our glory be rooted in the mysteries set forth to the wise long ago.  Let the dead bury the dead but let those that arise pass along The Way trumpeting the shofar in the night for the bride has made herself ready for the Feast time is near.  Let us rejoice with Yeshua raising the Cup of Elijah, a double portion, and drink with the Master and Creator of All, YHWH!

When the two witnesses arise in the streets for all the world to see, the Glory of the Lord will be made manifest and the passing of the mantles, yea the double portion shall be upon those that hear the hoofs and feel the power of the stallions thrusting with all their might for the appointed time finally has come. Those in darkness will finally see the light but as in the days of Noah the door to revelation will shut and no man or beast will be able to with stand the Kingdom, Power & Glory of the Cloud of Witnesses that have come to judge those that judged themselves through the hearing of God’s word but had not eyes to see, ears to hear nor hearts to perceive.  Woe, there will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Awake!  Arise and come out of the Twisted teachings of your fathers and into the truth that now strikes the hearts of men as lightning and thunder comes from the east to the west.  Repent, turn back from the evil that lurks within and become faithful as a little child not knowing the pagan lies of deception for only the love of God can be found in their hearts.  Lie not again unto the children, harboring the spirits of demons upon their sweet tender hearts.  Let not the stone take you to the depths of the sea, cut the ropes that bind you and be set free and walk across the sea that many will rejoice in heaven for the perfect work that has now been impregnated in you, yea…that the Mystery of the Gentiles will be full, Christ in YOU, the hope of glory.

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