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Those Awaiting Perfection


Knowledge Message for October 28, 2013 inspired from Joshua 19 & 20

Let us wonder where the first lot was cast and whom it was cast for.  For those words are written for them that have eyes to see and ears to hear.  Take heart in knowing that the appointed time has come for the bounty to be made manifest, so be humble and full of grace with the knowing of what is yet to come. May we receive the inheritance in full.  Guard your heart from vain desires and the evil the flesh will manifest.  Kill the beast with in each morning at the altar before sun rise starts your day, seeking the Kingdom of Heaven and His Righteousness for the manifestation of power in walking in the spirit.  Evil men will fall and the lust of their flesh, spoils of their greed, shall be burned in the furnace of the refiners fire and granted by the Angels in Heaven to The Ministers of Fire upon the Earth.

Oh Lord, let us be found worthy to sit at the table with great joy that the work of the Kingdom of Heaven were made manifest upon the earth by the greatness of your mercy and power.  Let the angels in heaven rejoice for a time with all those awaiting perfection. For this day, The Ministers of Fire receive the coming bounty of inheritance that has been refined in the fire.  Let it now be laid before us that our Joy will be made full in the knowing that the Kingdom of Heaven has provided all things in a way that Glorifies Our Father in Heaven.  Raise the trumpets and sound the alarm for the time of War has come.  Let us go forth and conquer in the name of the Lord, wielding the two edged sword cutting all flesh from the hearts and minds of the earth with the precision of a surgeon.

Let all be covered by the blood of Him who sent us.  May our fury be mighty upon the earth for we go forth in the knowing that we know.  The foolishness of carnal men shall rebuke us but will kneel with forgiveness at their appointed time having their heads removed, hearts & ears circumcised with the wielding of the mighty blade.  Let us now prepare in the fortress of The Castle for the mighty battle that is to come.  Having our inheritance at hand, with the knowing of the Glory to come in our hearts and minds let us shout at the devil that he may shutter in fear and trembling of the coming forth of The Ministers of Fire.   So as it is written, so let it be done.

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