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Reclaim the Temple


Knowledge Message for February 26, 2014 inspired from Revelation 18

Save the Children!  Be watchful from where they eat!  Heal the children, they know not what they eat.  The merchants of Babylon are changing the things we eat, its time to come out of her, get seeds and raise your own meat.  We go to the store with love for our family.  We bring them only poison that comes from a factory.  So many labels and genetically modified foods, none of them fruitful, they are harmful and change our mood.  They feed us the poison and sell us the cure.  

Oh let us know, that all the work they do, is to genetically modify food and drink that will surely kill YOU!  Just study the farmers, who were forced to sell out along the way.  Not ever realizing that they are the killers now that Monsato has their way.  Look toward heaven and listen to your heart, that’s the only way to set yourself apart.  So clean out Your Temple, whip the hounds good!  Stop using sugar, that’s the one thing that KILLS for sure.  If the world is heading one way, you know in your heart, that you should be headed in a direction that sets you apart.

Connect with Yeshua, he’ll teach You The Way.  He’ll guide you and your family to a great feast on the Sabbath day.  He’ll recharge and forgive you with mercy and grace so that you can go out into the human race.  Oh My Breathern, Yeshua will come.  Let us be clouds, pouring rain, upon freshly tilled ground.

Remember always, do it for the love the the little children and the Mighty One of Heaven above.

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