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Teach Us Thy Ways Oh Lord


Knowledge Message for February 25, 2014 - inspired from the Connection from Above

The dawn brings light and breathes the dew upon the grass.  Those that rise early, coming out, know the scent of the morning and the wetness He casts.  Oh Lord of Heaven, Master of All that is, bring us unto the knowing of how your Spirit Lives.  

As Your Spirit teaches us the deepest things of God, let us be filled with the Glory and the Knowledge of Our Lord from above.  Let us rip the vails as on that faithful day, when Yeshua hung upon the cross and  believers began to pray.  

Pray for the connection of the one that sits on high.  Let Our hearts have understanding on how He puts thoughts inside.  Let Us unveil the mysteries, Yea, every skin that hangs.  Let the goats hair and badger skins all fall away.  

Increase the dimensions of our mind and help us build Your Temple.  For the Temple that contains Your Mind is Our righteousness perfected.  You Alone Oh Lord are Our perfecting force.  Let Us hold Your hand, moving toward perfecting Us.

Teach Us Thy Ways Oh Lord, make us just and true.  Help us to shine as the firmament, one of the saints like You.  Bring to our mind the Sabbath, Yea, and help us find our way unto You.  Show us the Glory and grant us the Knowledge that will bring that everlasting connection with You!


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