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Scales from Our Eyes


Knowledge Message for November 14, 2013 inspired from Hebrews 3

A child upon the waters found floating in a basket, snatched up with love and hidden away from the hearts of evil men, like a seed in winter.  Oh how could one find nurturing in rows as crooked as these?  How could one man throw it all away to become enslaved by those who ruled and reigned?  How by the power of His flowing words could the Red Sea divide so that they all could conquer?  Who swung the mighty sword on that faithful day?  Now only a few days journey to the promise land for all those who believe, for they had seen a great and mighty miracle by G-d through the mighty one called Moshe.

Murmuring of their deliverance gave way to the wanderings in the wilderness for 40 years.  Many died for their unbelief along the 3 day journey that took forty years.  They were given water from the rock and manna rained down from heaven yet they did not have eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts that could or even desired to perceive the hidden things, yea those things kept in plain sight but held secret to those who do not believe in the prophetic word but are well rooted in the dead letter of the Law.  The water that flowed like a river is the Messiah who is the rock that is hidden through out all the Torah.  The raining down of manna daily and the double portions gathered before the Shabbat where signs that revelation has come upon them that have been given the manna, yea, those that overcome the murmuring and see Messiah prophetically in the Torah.

Let not the dead letter of The Torah give birth to the long and arduous journey seen from long ago but let us have the scales from our eyes removed so that the prophetic shadow pictures of Yeshua can be seen so that the Ruach haKodesh can whisper with the still small voice in our hearts that we may hear him calling His sheep.  Today if you hear His voice, do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion.  My Brethren,  I trust in the Goodness and Mercy of Him who sent me that WE WILL RAISE our Cups together with Him at the Marriage Supper of The Lamb.  Shalom

Come and Drink the New Wine.  The Vine is Full of Grapes for the Winepress.  Let Us Lift Our Cups!

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