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The Tongue is a Flame of Fire

Knowledge Message for October 15, 2013

What is in your Heart?  What do your words bring into existence?  Guard your heart always for it seeks evil continually when the tongue is not bridled.  Did you know that upon conception the heart is the first thing formed in the womb?  Can your spirit perceive what the next part to be formed will be?  For the heart in the womb is pure and full of light as if walking in the garden without shame.  The power of our words bring forth more than many realize and this lesson is for those that will heed these words.

I asked a question regarding what is formed in the womb that follows the heart?  It is the tongue.  Yes that flame of fire with all power when resonated with the heart and the Ruach haKodesh.  The tongue is a flame of fire that can bring forth life and death.  What ever you speak that comes out of your heart will be made manifest unto you.  This is a spiritual law.  When your heart is full of the greatest of things, LOVE, then your tongue brings forth life and the breath of life entered in and out freely sending forth encouraging words of hope and faith.

But if you have many signs and wonders in your life and have not Love, you have nothing.  If you have money and great worldly power and not charity, which is the action of love, you have nothing.  Consider then these words, Guard Your Heart, Mind and Tongue with all your might so that the love cherished within will be made full and manifest unto others that have not found The Way.

When you have Love in your Heart your purpose for living, yes the reason you have been brought forth unto this world, is made know unto you.  You were made perfectly in order to best accomplish what you were sent here for.  The Love of life and the knowing of your purpose brings forth joy in this world for yourself and for others.  As you walk along The Way today listen to your heart and your words.  Is there love flowing freely from both?  Bridle your tongue for if a man can bridle his tongue he can bridle his whole body.  Become as little children who love their Father with all the heart, mind and soul.  

In this way our purpose and his power will be made manifest through the greatest of all things which is LOVE.

What will Your Tongue Manifest This Day?

For if the mind has one heart and not the other the sounds of the music are changed!

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