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Truth Foretold

Kislev 23 5774


Knowledge Message for November 26, 2013 inspired from Leviticus 13

When ones stands in the darkness, total darkness, the man knows not what is about him.  Great and terrible things could be around him as long as his mind is far from them, not hearing and not having sight, what has he to fear?  Perhaps as he stands in the darkness he catches a faint smell or tastes a coming burning in his mouth.  A gentle light brush upon his skin and his mouth is full of fear, trembling and followed up by shouts.  For now the darkness upon his sight strikes fear within his heart.  His mind whispers to him as to what may be about.  He moves waving his hands, stumbling over things set before him, yet he finds solace when his hands find the corner made in his walls.  The man kneels in the corner, trembling and weak, tasting the fear in his mouth he looks up and begins to speak.  Oh Lord, please come save me, I’m fearful and weak.  Let not the chilled darkness come upon me when I sleep.

Forgive me my ills that my pains would go away.  Let me rejoice for the lessons that leprosy plays.  For when we’re in Sheol gnashing our teeth, hoping to be cleansed like the leaper on the street.  We’ve waited to long to realize what is true, that the darkness isn’t my friend and God’s word is really The Truth.  Let us remember while we yet breath, that salvation is given freely to those that believe.  The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom for in such a way he will show us the vision.  May our eyes see the truth foretold in Proverbs 25:2, let us become Kings and find the way to You.

She is Wisdom, don’t let HER slip away this day!

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