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Walk the Wire


Knowledge Message for January 6, 2014

We are here and He is there.  How can the prideful find Him in the darkness?  The wanting of the heart of Him calling out to us bring us forth upon the window sill.  The cool of the morning breeze gently blows against our face as we go out onto the ledge.  Fearless and wanting do we stand on that ledge from on high.  Holding onto to the stonework the first step is taken as the foot slide out upon the wire.  The pride and fearful heart makes the legs tremble but somehow the foot finds the wire.  A clash of thunder and we scurry back inside for foot slipped off the wire and the fall would have been great, that’s not His desire.

With heart trembling and knees bowed do we call out the name of The Lord.  The prideful nature is slain in that moment as we humbly seek Him once more.  Let us rise and walk the wire seeking balance in this world and the next.  For the dawning of a new day brings the light that will show us all The Way.  As we walk in humility we have balance and light upon the wire.  Let us all make this trip daily for it brings forth Heaven and His mysterious power.

Walk in balance and humility along the narrow path.  For this is The Way of righteousness that allows us to share with others.  In so doing, this sharing, we bring forth Heaven upon the Earth in the hearts, minds and soul which is His desire. 

Step out onto the Wire, walk in Faith, Hope & Love that will catch the World on Fire.

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