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Will the Flock Follow

Knowledge Message for December 18, 2013 inspired from Genesis 46

The horizon gives her light but the ground appears as darkness.  With calls to the wild and the children and the herd do we tread forth unto the rising of the morning sun.  Starting early much ground is made in a days journey.  Taking all the blessings that have been granted us unto a new land comes with many trials and memories that overcome.  Let His love and favor be a joy in our hearts.  Cast your eyes upon those that are of your house.  Seventy is a large number of family as is that number one of prophetic pictures of the good things to come.  But that number counted only came after two had fallen away.  Likened to the 24 elders and the sacred letters that hold the universe together.  

Take the Journey my friends.  Take it with your family.  Lead them into a new land.  One of destiny yet undiscovered.  One of understanding that yet only the chosen will fully understand.  Remember that the cattle are driven as herdsmen for the shepherds in the land to come are despised   Will this long journey into the good things to come be guided by a chosen one with a staff in his hand?  Will his herd follow him?  Will the flock follow him when he calls while wearing the clothes of the herdsman?  Oh Father let our garments be washed by the blood of the lamb when our journey takes us to the promise land.  Let the Glory and the brightness of the White, shine forth as the Sun upon the desert plain. Grant us the Glory Knowledge of your ways oh G-d that we would know you more each and everyday as herdsman, then shepherds and finally with radiant garments of light as we sit and dine on the meat with Him that creates and gives us all things through His mercy and compassion.

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